Most extraordinary beaches in the world

If you love the beach just as much as we do, then you would like to know what are the most extraordinary and beautiful beaches in the world. Beaches that you just need to visit one day.

A travel lover friend of mine at told me that most of you would say, that no matter what, all the beaches are beautiful because the ocean always gives a sense of peace and tranquility. However, these beaches are different. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also unique as well. 

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Yes, we know that all beaches in Hawaii are beautiful. With white sand, and clear blue ocean. But the Papakolea Beach in Hawaii is completely different. And, if you are considering visiting Hawaii in the near future, this is a beach that you need to visit.

This beach doesn’t have white sand. This is known as Hawaii’s green sand beach. And yes, this sand is clean. It is because of nature that the sand is green instead of white. The original reason for the green sand is due to the volcanic activity of Mauna Loa, which is the world’s largest volcano. A sight to see. 

Hidden Beach, Mexico

A true hidden beach in Mexico. Beautiful, clean and exclusive. This is what this beach is offering tourists. This beach isn’t easy to find, but once you located it, you will realize why there aren’t many Mexicans that are willing to tell you where you can find the hidden beach. 

Even, if this beach isn’t naturally made, it is a beautiful, paradise. There are rumors that the beach was made because of test bombs in the area. The beach cannot be seen from the road and it is hard to find. There is a secret passage through a water tunnel before you can reach this beach. 

Shell Beach, Australia

On shell beach in Australia, it isn’t advised that you are walking barefoot as what you would on other beaches. You will have lots of cuts on your feet. Just like the name say, this is one of the most unique beaches where you can find thousands of small shells that are going 10 meters deep. A beautiful beach that is covered in shells and not sand. 

The top three beaches in the world to visit is the Papakolea Beach, hidden beach and the shell beach. Three different beaches in three different countries. By visiting these beaches, you are going to get an experience that you will not forget easily. 

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